Proud Legacy

Belgian since 1913

Leonidas fait en Belgique depuis 1913

Leonidas chocolates are made in Belgium. Our Master Chocolatiers respect the tradition of our know-how and transform the finest ingredients with love. Whether you taste them in Paris, London or Montreal, you'll enjoy Belgium's (and no doubt the world's) favourite chocolates.

Maître Chocolatier, the art of chocolate

Our Master Chocolatiers are true connoisseurs. Every day, they create new flavors to offer you the best chocolates. They work with pure, genuine products of unequalled quality and, of course, genuine Belgian chocolate. In their workshop, they transform these fresh products to surprise you with the flavors of tomorrow.

Belgian chocolate, and you can taste it

Leonidas pralines are made from ingredients of unrivalled quality and impeccable freshness. Our real Belgian chocolate is guaranteed to be 100% pure cocoa butter. For our ganaches and other fillings, we use only fresh butter, cream and milk, and lightly roasted hazelnuts. Our pralines trigger an explosion of flavors with each new bite.

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