L'Automne, Halloween et leurs chocolats chez Leonidas...

Autumn, Halloween and their chocolates at Leonidas...

Autumn has been with us for more than 2 weeks now, even if the pleasant temperatures make us rather live or relive the end of summer.

At Leonidas Mont Royal, we have worked hard to present our offer for Fall and Halloween!

First Autumn: we now have the entire Autumn range from Leonidas, we have named:

- White Mushrooms with Salted Caramel and Black Mushrooms with Chocolate Mousse

- La Noix d'Automne: a very realistic walnut shape filled with a delicious walnut cream

- The Autumn Leaf: delicious crunchy milk chocolate praline

- Dawn of Winter with milk and dark chocolate filled with a delicious butter cream and cranberry chips...

Then Halloween: you will find on our site and in our shop specialties specially prepared for Halloween

- Chocolate balls filled with hazelnut paste

- Milk chocolate balls filled with praline and pop sugar, which sparkle in your mouth

- Milk chocolate lollipops in the form of JackOLantern

Discover the Leonidas Autumn / Halloween collection

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