C'est la temps des Truffes chez Leonidas Mont Royal

It's Truffle Time at Leonidas Mont Royal

Some go to get them at the foot of the oaks, others simply go to Leonidas Mont Royal!

Invented at the end of the 19th century by Louis Dufour, the truffle is the comforting chocolate par excellence during autumn and winter. Made from a more or less intense chocolate-based ganache depending on the truffle and rolled into a ball or cone, it is covered with intense cocoa powder which gives it all the "pep" that chocolate lovers are looking for. ..

At Leonidas Mont Royal, we offer 4 types of truffles (limited availability):

  • Classic truffle : dark and milk chocolate ganache, coated in dark chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa
  • Black Truffle : 85% cocoa dark chocolate ganache, coated with dark chocolate and noir de noir cocoa powder
  • Speculoos truffle : milk chocolate ganache and speculoos chips, covered with pure cocoa powder
  • Marc de Champagne truffle : white and milk chocolate ganache, flavored with Marc de Champagne, coated with dark chocolate and white chocolate powder

To each his Truffle...

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