Ballotin, qu'est-ce que c'est?

Ballotin, what is it?

What is a box and what does it contain?

The ballotin is a cardboard box with 4 flaps invented in 1915 by Louise Agostini, wife of Jean Neuhaus, Belgian Chocolatier, inventor of the Belgian praline, an assembly based on chocolate filled with cream, ganache, praline paste or caramel. The objective was to replace the cornet as packaging, because it “crushed” the pralines.

The ballotin is the best way to wrap Belgian chocolates for tasting with friends or family. 

During festive periods (Valentine's Day, Easter or Christmas), it is usually covered with a paper printed with the image of the occasion and kept closed with a beautiful colored ribbon that goes well with the paper.

What do we put in a box at Leonidas Mont Royal?

Absolutely any Belgian praline!

Indeed, unlike gift boxes, where spaces with a defined shape are reserved for chocolates, the ballotin is a flat space (which can go from one floor to 4), ideal for placing chocolates of different shapes and sizes.

In the assorted ballotins at Leonidas Mont Royal, we choose a balanced dosage between the different types of chocolates based on our experience in the store. As a general rule, you will find in it half milk chocolate, half dark chocolate with a few pieces of white chocolate. 3/4 will be praline chocolates, the remaining 1/4 will be ganaches, creams and caramels. We never include alcoholic or fruity chocolates in our assortments.

Can we personalize the ballotin?

Yes! At Leonidas Mont Royal, we always have assorted ballotins for people in a hurry, but we take great pleasure in guiding customers in choosing their pralines, when they have time…

You too, even online, do not hesitate to let us know your preferences, we will do our best to satisfy you!

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